You can support the Edukado project by purchasing one, or more, of the following products. There is also the possibility to purchase student team products on this page. The cost price consists of costs of the goods, an amount of aid and that goes entirely to our projects and any transport costs. So no. administration costs are charged! (The webshop is under construction, payments are still made by bank transfer).

"Spread the love" card package

  • With the purchase of the “Spread the love, not the virus” card package, you help fund the Senegal 2021 project
  • You can choose between two packages of each four different designs
  • You can choose to have the cards delivered to your doorstep (for an additional two euros per package) or collect them at our different pick-up locations
  • Printed by Crazy Copy Center
  • Designed by the Senegal team


We owe our supporters a lot for each project Edukado successfully brought to a good end. One of the ways to support us is through a donation. Every donation is 100% spent on the realization of a project. In concrete terms, this means that the donations are not used for the personal costs of the students (accommodation costs, food costs, …) but solely for the construction costs, the wages of the workers, … etc. The donors are kept informed through newsletters and annual reports.

Tax-deductible donations (KBS)

IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404


Mention: 128/3187/00093

Edukado’s bank account  (not tax-deductible)

IBAN: BE28 0015 1911 9020


Mention: “Donation Edukado + name of the project”

The Senegal Project bank account (not tax-deductible)

IBAN: BE35 0017 1347 9637



You can now find Edukado on! Trooper is an online platform on which you can support organizations, like Edukado.

How does it work?

Well, if you surf to Trooper by clicking the button below, you get a list of all the participating stores. If you clicked through this website to the store you want to shop at, then the store knows you came via Trooper and that you want to support Edukado.

With your purchase, the store donates an average of 5% (!) of what you paid to Edukado, without it costing you more! And this counts for stores as, Coolblue,, Collect&Go, JBC, Decathlon, Dreamland, Torfs and over 600 other stores.

You can even install a Google Chrome extension, Trooper Bot, that will alert you every time you shop online at a store that supports Edukado.

Easy, huh?

Raise money through TrooperTrooperbot*

*You will automatically be alerted when you can raise money for Edukado. All that you have to do is to activate it and you’re set!