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Senegal 2021

In December 2020 a group of +/- 14 young adults started the Senegal project. They are committed to organizing various activities throughout the year to raise funds, promote development cooperation and to broaden their knowledge. During the summer they will travel to Senegal to help build several classrooms together with D.R.O.P. Senegal (should the government allow traveling abroad).

Location: Africa, Senegal
Start date: 12/2020
End date: Scheduled for 31/08/2021 
Description: Building 1 classroom and renovating 2 others.
Partnerorganisation in Belgium: DROP
Partnerorganisation in Senegal: DROP
Required budget: 12000€
Collected budget
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Edukado assemble!

Een team van 16 jongvolwassen werd bijeengeroepen om het Senegal 2021 project te realiseren.

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Covid-19 plan

The Senegal 2021 project will continue. In any case, the construction will be realized, regardless of the further development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The only uncertainty remains if the students will be able to travel to Senegal to help with the construction. We are keeping the option to travel to Senegal open for now, until the Easter holidays. Then the board will get together again to make the final decision based on a few criteria (e.g.: positive travel advice, no incidents of intolerance towards white people as a result of COVID-19, a reasonable price for plane tickets, the possibility to travel outside of Europe, …)

On the 19th of April 2021 we will inform everyone if the trip will take place. Then we will also start the practical arrangements (buying the plane tickets, arrange accommodation, …). If the trip happens to be cancelled, we will propose the students some alternative projects from volunteer organizations (who will be screened).

Op 21/11/2020 om 19h vond er een online infosessie plaats om meer duiding te geven over dit plan, de verdere stappen en om vragen te beantwoorden. De presentatie van deze infosessie vind je via volgende link

More about the project

The project is situated in an existing primary school in Godaguene, near Sindine in Senegal. It’s a relatively remote place at the edge of the village. The school was built in 1984 and since then the population occasionally added infrastructure. This infrastructure is insufficient since the classes consist of approximately sixty students, which means that the quality of the education gets lost. The school management would like to expand the school with at least three classrooms but sadly they do not have the necessary resources. Furthermore, this school is the only primary school of the region and is attended by children from more than twelve surrounding villages. The local population is poor and lives off agriculture and livestock farming. There are mostly Peulh and Serrère living in this region. Usually there is no electricity nor running water in these villages and people often live in huts. The project will be lead by our local changemaker Oumar, in dialogue with the principal of the school and the village representatives. Once on-site, Oumar will guide the students and let them get acquainted with the Senegalese culture. Following his recommendations is essential for a safe and responsible course of the project. A Senegalese contractor will be responsible for the technical aspect of the project. The students will be in contact with him regarding the blueprints and the work schedule. He will also be the one teaching them how to lay bricks and how to do some of the other chores. The accommodation has been visited by the board during the prospecting trip in January 2020 and it was found safe and hygienic. Furthermore, there will be a chef from the village who will be preparing traditional meals. Of course the chef will need help with the cooking, so from time to time the students will have to help (with the groceries for example). During the weekend there will be time to visit other places or to relax from a week of hard labor.

What is the added value of the students?

The students will be in close contact with the local population. They will have to get out of their comfort zone and get used to living on the countryside. They will get to know the ins and outs of the school in a relatively remote place in Senegal. In addition, D.R.O.P. vzw will ensure the students will be assisted by a Senegalese contractor, the local population and the school board. Because it will be a holiday period there as well, it will certainly be possible to motivate a number of young people in the region/village to work together with the students. 

What exactly will be built?

The project consists of building 1 classroom of 33 square meters (6m x 5,5m), and renovating 2 classrooms, and equip those with solar panels. D.R.O.P. vzw will make up for the deficits should the funds collected by the students turn out to be insufficient. There will be determined, in common accord, to what extent the school/the government will be able to contribute financially. In any case, it concerns a relatively simple construction with a structure of concrete pillars and beams with masonry in concrete blocks and a roof consisting of profiled metal plates. The students will be very involved but the architectural decisions will be made by the Senegalese contractor of course. In addition to the contractor, skilled labor will also be recruited. As unskilled labour, the students will physically contribute to the building on site. This includes, among other things, digging the foundation, making and handing bricks, making cement, plastering, … etc.

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