Senegal 2021

On the 12th of December, the Senegal 2021 project started. A group of 16 enthusiastic students will develop this solidarity project with Oumar from Godaguene, Senegal. Their goal is to build several classrooms in the summer of 2021 to expand the village’s primary school. For a year they will intensely collaborate with D.R.O.P. vzw Oumar and the people of Godaguene.

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We are looking for new partners!

We are looking for a partner partially or entirely from a low-income country. This partner will aim to facilitate access to education for all, especially in countries where this is not a given. Ideally, this partner is ready to deploy the project with our students who, working with the local population, will construct the building in summer 2022. The total cost amounts to a maximum of € 12.000. If the price exceeds this amount, the difference will be compensated by the partner.

Checklist for a partner

  • Be from a low-income country (or partially, there must be a clear link to the country in question)
  • In need of an infrastructure not exceeding 100m².
  • Be prepared to host, accompany and assist a group of 15 university students

Do you think we are made for each other?

Then don’t hesitate to send a short note explaining your project to and Within 7 days, we will get back to you if it would be appropriate to complete the application form. Thus, we try to notify the projects without any chance before too much time is spent writing a project file (because the time of its volunteers is precious and we do not want to waste their time)

Deadline for the explanatory note: March 27, 2021

Deadline for application form: April 17, 2021

Notification of selection: May 1, 2021

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Participant India 2019 speaking

Hannah tells you a little more about Edukado and why you should participate in an Edukado project in this video.

About Us

In an increasingly connected world where we are dependent on each other, Edukado’s mission is one of solidarity, tolerance and equity so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in society on an equal footing.

This is not only achieved by contributing to the development and access to quality education, but also by exchanging knowledge and stimulating culture.

This is why we organize building projects, trainings and awareness activities all related to education, cooperation always a fixed value.


As a member of Edukado you can realize a solidarity project in a disadvantaged country (also known as developing country, but today this term seems obsolete). You will work with a team of young adults to develop a construction project related to education during one year. From fundraising and learning concepts such as white innocence, white rescue, …, to the final execution of the project in the country in question during the summer months.

Your commitment

  • A few hours per week
  • Your social skills
  • Your determination and work ethic
  • Your willingness to travel to a developing country during the summer months.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will gain work experience in a socially meaningful and ethically responsible project.
  • You will have an experienced group of project staff to help you with advice and assistance.
  • With a great team, you will complete a year of activities and go on a field trip during the summer vacations.

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The Edukado collaboration

The changemaker

  • An influential person(s) from a less privileged society (developing countries)
  • Wants to advance society
  • Wants to collaborate to solve a structural problem in education
  • Is willing to host and provide housing for a group of young adults for the duration of the project
  • Is willing to stimulate a cultural exchange

The students

  • A group of young adults from Belgium
  • Willing to help disadvantaged people
  • To be committed to the realization of the one-year project
  • Willing to live according to the local culture during the summer months
  • Be curious about other countries and cultures and their customs

An unforgettable journey

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Origin story

The origins of Edukado go back to the initiative of a group of ignorant students in 2006. Aushim, the founder of Edukado, tells more about it.